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'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' available now on Mac

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown
XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Firaxis' hit strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown launched on consoles and Windows PCs last October, and now the game is finally available on Mac. The delay is somewhat shorter than what Mac gamers are used to for big-budget titles, and the game will also come packed with some add-on content to make the wait worth it, including the "Slingshot" DLC pack, which adds new missions and maps. The turn-based game was ported by Mac publisher Feral Interactive, and is available for $49.99 both from the company's site and the Mac App Store— though it's not currently available on Steam. And if that's not enough tactical sci-fi fun for Apple gamers, XCOM: Enemy Unknown will also be making its way to iPhone and iPad with an iOS port slated to launch this summer.