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Samsung developing ruggedized Galaxy S4 Active and new 8-inch tablet, says WSJ

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samsung logo stock
samsung logo stock

Apparently Motorola isn't the only smartphone manufacturer working to make its devices more durable; the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Samsung will release a ruggedized version of the Galaxy S4 this summer. The waterproof and dust-proof version of Samsung's flagship is tentatively being referred to as the Galaxy S4 Active, according to the report, and other than the toughened build is said to largely resemble the regular model in appearance. The Wall Street Journal says that Samsung is currently targeting a July release for the Galaxy S4 Active, though stops short of outlining which countries or cellular carriers will offer the battle-ready product. A Samsung executive revealed the S4 Active's existence earlier this week.

Today's report also mentions an 8-inch tablet in Samsung's product pipeline. The rumored addition to the company's Galaxy line — set to debut sometime in June — would slot in between its existing 10.1- and 7-inch offerings. And finally, the WSJ reaffirms Samsung's plans to release a smaller Galaxy S4 Mini. The WSJ claims this device, believed to feature "modest" specifications compared to its larger sibling, will measure 4.3 inches and is also on track for a July release.