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Japan gives Boeing 787 clearance to return to service once battery fixes are implemented

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ANA Japan Boeing 787 Dreamliner
ANA Japan Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Japan's transportation minster has announced that the country will allow the troubled 787 Dreamliner airplane to return to the skies once Boeing deploys its battery modifications, reports the Associated Press. This comes one day after the US Federal Aviation Administration gave a similar all-clear order to the 787, though the fix won't be completely deployed in Japan until June. "We have reached a conclusion that there is no problem with the judgment by the FAA," said Japanese transportation minister Akihiro Ohta. "We believe all possible safety measures would be taken to prevent recurrence of similar problems."

Japan, which is home to nearly half of the 50 787 Dreamliners in service around the world, grounded the planes in mid-January after a pair of battery fires put the 787's reliability into question. With a fix in place and service prepared to resume in both the the US and Japan, Boeing's troubles with the plane may hopefully soon be a thing of the past. But first, Japan will complete a few additional safety measures, including a planned test flight taking place this Sunday.