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Microsoft's latest Office 365 ad campaign turns Forbes magazine into a Wi-Fi hotspot

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Office 365 hotspot
Office 365 hotspot

One major benefit of cloud storage is that you're able to access your data and documents from just about anywhere. And with its latest print ad campaign for Office 365, Microsoft is going to extremes to illustrate that point. Tucked (glued?) inside select issues of this month's Forbes magazine is a Wi-Fi hotspot that offers readers 15 days of web access courtesy of T-Mobile. The included battery is only capable of providing about three hours of continuous browsing, but Microsoft helpfully allows you to recharge the unit with a micro USB cable. Sure, the company would likely prefer you spend some of that time looking into its "office in the cloud" and we can't exactly blame them considering the likely bill for this sort of promotion. But if you unexpectedly find yourself disconnected and there's a newsstand nearby, it might be worth skimming through Forbes.