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LivingSocial hack reveals 50 million customer names, email addresses, and birthdates (update)

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LivingSocial Shop
LivingSocial Shop

Another high-profile hack has hit the internet: this time, daily deal website LivingSocial is the victim. In an internal email, CEO Tim O’Shaughnessy says that the cyber-attack gave hackers access to its users' names, email addresses, birthdates, and encrypted passwords. The passwords were thankfully both hashed and salted, so unlike some other large hacks targeting customer information, your login credentials should be safe. Nevertheless, LivingSocial is requiring all users to reset their passwords in the wake of the attack. AllThingsD, which obtained the email, reports that the company has confirmed that the data breach affects 50 million users worldwide (except for those in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines). LivingSocial says that its database that stores its customers' credit card information, as well as another database containing merchant information, remains untouched. The news follows other attacks in the past year against Evernote, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Update: LivingSocial has informed us that information from users in Malaysia was in fact accessed, but users in South Korea were not affected.