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Tumblr's old iOS app used to have a hidden, Twitter #Music-style feature

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tumblr ios iphone
tumblr ios iphone

Among other features, Twitter's new #Music service lets users tune into a station made up entirely of music shared by the people they follow. It's a nice way of finding new music from your social network, but strangely enough a similar feature was hidden deep within the iOS Tumblr app Tumblrette (which eventually became the official Tumblr app). According to developer Jeff Rock, co-foudner of Mobelux and builder of Tumblrette, a feature known as Tumblr Play was built within the code for his Tumblr app more as a fun proof-of-concept than anything.

"It was a sonic representation of your Dashboard."

The feature aggregated any audio posted to your Tumblr dashboard and automatically played them back in sequential order. Of course, Tumblr audio clips are often not just music — but that was just part of the charm, says Rock. "Sure, you ended up with the occasional comedy skit in between an eclectic mix of pop and indie music, but that was awesome," Rock wrote in his blog. "That was Tumblr. It was a sonic representation of your Dashboard and it kind of kicked ass."

Rock and his development team played with the idea of making Tumblr Play a default feature for Tumblrette, but legal concerns led the team to hide it; it was only accessible through after visiting the settings page, shaking the phone twice (Rock says you have to shake it hard) and then inputting the name of what we can only assume is one of the developer's pets. While the code for this trick was removed some time ago, it did stick around after Tumblrette became the official Tumblr iOS app, existing in the background for only those who knew the precise series of steps to turn it on.