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Tribeca Film Festival Vine competition winners are stop-motion masterpieces

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Vine Contest Winner
Vine Contest Winner

The Tribeca Film Festival has announced the winners of its #6SECFILMS Vine competition. With 400 submissions in several categories, the winners were chosen by a small panel that included the "King of Vines," Adam Goldberg. The winners for most of the categories were Vines insofar as they used the app and were six seconds long, but beyond that most of the winners were essentially stop-motion pieces. Vines of tiny soldiers blasting eggs, magically moving a car with by waving your hand, and tiny paper bugs were all animated in short little films that are compelling and well-produced, but didn't necessarily break new narrative ground.

The same shouldn't be said for Matt Swinsky's "#LazerAndDonald close shave," which packs a remarkable amount of horror into the strictures of Vine's format. Using incredibly fast jump cuts and tweeting bird audio that works surprisingly well despite the multiple shots, it manages to be haunting enough to rise above the typically cute Vines we're all used to.

You can see all the winners, chosen from a list of 40 finalists, at Tribeca's website.