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Wolfram Alpha details gender differences in Facebook usage

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Wolfram Alpha Pro 1024
Wolfram Alpha Pro 1024

The Facebook analytics service introduced by Wolfram Alpha last year has yielded some fresh insights, as detailed in a blog post by company founder Stephen Wolfram. Among them: men and women post about very different things. The chart-heavy piece shows that men post more about sports, technology, and pop culture. Women post more about pets, family and friends, relationships, and health.

"Some of this is rather depressingly stereotypical," Wolfram writes. "And most of it isn't terribly surprising to anyone who's known a reasonable diversity of people of different ages. But what to me is remarkable is how we can see everything laid out in such quantitative detail in the pictures above." Some of Wolfram's findings do appear to confirm stereotypes. But by training a "computational telescope" on Facebook, he writes, we can discover new phenomena about the ways we connect to one another.