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Reeder for iPhone now supports standalone RSS and Feedbin, Google Reader no longer required

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reeder hands on
reeder hands on

One of the side effects of Google's decision to shut down Reader on July 1st is that numerous mobile and desktop apps are now scrambling for a new way to provide value to their users. Reeder, one of the most popular Google Reader apps for iOS, had previously announced plans to continue development despite Reader's impending shudown, and now there's a new version of the app available that can sync with third-party RSS reader Feedbin. Of course, you'll need to sign up for the $2 monthly fee that Feedbin charges, but after that you'll be free to use Reeder long past July 1st.

Perhaps more noteworthy is Reeder's new, standalone RSS feature — you don't even need a Feedbin or Google Reader account anymore. Instead, you can start curating RSS feeds right on your iPhone; if you had a Google Reader account you can also simply import your feeds straight from there. Unfortunately, this feature isn't available on the iPad or OS X versions of Reeder yet, but those apps will get all of the iPhone features when they are updated to version 2.0 "in the coming months." For now, Reeder cautions that its standalone RSS syncing is "still a work in progress," so it might be a little buggy at first. If you'd prefer to sync through an alternate service like Feedbin, Reeder says that more options will be added in the future.