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See how dozens of artists interpret 'Lost,' 'Star Trek,' and other Bad Robot works

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bad robot gallery
bad robot gallery

J.J. Abrams' production company Bad Robot has quickly become known for series like Lost and Super 8 that are rooted in smart, sci-fi concepts — and the company is now teaming up with pop-culture exhibitor Gallery 1988 to show off independent artists' interpretations of its own properties. The gallery opened Friday and will have work from over 100 artists on display through May 18th, but SlashFilm has gathered 46 pieces from the exhibit and is displaying them online for those who can't make it to the Los Angeles exhibit.

SlashFilm's preview includes work based on Star Trek, Lost, Fringe, Super 8, and Alias. The pieces tend to depict Bad Robot's properties in one of two ways: by either applying the artist's own style and interpretation, or by mashing it up with an existing style, such as pulp-comic art. The concept was pitched by Gallery 1988 to Bad Robot, and the gallery's founder wrote that Abrams has been involved "since the moment we had the idea."