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Watch 35 minutes of Ellen Page in 'Beyond: Two Souls'

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Beyond: Two Souls lead
Beyond: Two Souls lead

If you just can't wait until October to see Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe star in the PS3 game Beyond: Two Souls, there's some good news, as 35 minutes of game video has been released. The footage was revealed as part of a two hour-long panel at the Tribeca Film Festival, which featured both Page and game director David Cage. According to the PlayStation blog, the scene was chosen carefully "to avoid many of the major, major spoilers" in the game, though if you want to go into the experience completely fresh you should probably avoid clicking play (if you're wary of spoilers you can check out the brand new cinematic trailer instead). For the rest of us, it's a great chance to see just how well the game manages to blend the worlds of film and gaming.