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Give your tweets a death sentence with Efemr

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Efemr is a new web app that posts time-limited messages to Twitter; tweets are automatically deleted after an amount of time chosen by you, the user. It's basically an attempt to apply SnapChat's hugely popular formula — publishing a message that will eventually "self destruct" — to Twitter, though here your messages are likely to be seen by a wider audience. After granting Efemr access to your account, you can designate the shelf life of each tweet by attaching a hashtag time limit. #5 gets you five minutes, for example, with #1h making the post visible for one hour and so on.

The web app is advertised as a means of making your Twitter activity more fleeting, but also as a tool to "protect your e-reputation." That latter point is somewhat questionable, since all it takes is a retweet to ruin any attempt to cover your tracks on the popular service. SnapChat has shown there's demand for this type of erasable social media, though we're not convinced trying to shoehorn the concept within Twitter is a good strategy. Nonetheless, if you'd like to give Efemr a try, it doesn't take much effort.

Thanks, pascalro!