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LG's 55-inch curved OLED TV arrives in Korea this June for $13,500

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LG OLED Curved
LG OLED Curved

The first of LG’s convention-defying Curved OLED TVs will be in Korean living rooms in just over a month. According to an LG Korea press release posted by Engadget, pre-orders for the TV will start on April 29th, while the first deliveries will begin sometime in June. The 55-inch set measures 4.3 millimeters in thickness and will sell for 15 million Korean won, or about $13,515 — a premium of about $3,600 over the company’s identically-sized, but tragically two-dimensional, OLED TV.

LG first unveiled the curved TV at CES in January, but given the slow roll-out of LG’s current 55-inch OLED (it was announced in January, 2012 but just made it to market two months ago), we figured it would be a while before the Curved OLED started shipping. No plans have been announced for a US release, but we’ll be watching for more details.