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Windows 8 Weather app updated with interactive maps and ski resort info

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Weather windows 8
Weather windows 8

Microsoft has been updating all of its built-in Windows 8 apps recently, from Mail to Bing News, but one was missing: Bing Weather. This weekend the software maker started to push out an update for its Weather app in Windows 8. The update includes new weather maps and ski resorts tabs that provide even more weather information than the usual daily updates.


Weather maps is a hub for access to temperate, precipitation, satellite, and cloud information for various regions, including North America, Europe, and Asia. Each map is an interactive and dynamic moving image for the forecasts of a given day. You're not able to fast-forward or rewind, but there's an option to pause the animation. A new ski resorts section also provides weather conditions for locations in 31 countries worldwide. The update isn't hugely significant, but it completes Microsoft's Bing app updates alongside the previously updated Bing News and Bing Maps applications.