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Microsoft creates an Apple vs. Samsung wedding fight for its new Windows Phone ad

Microsoft creates an Apple vs. Samsung wedding fight for its new Windows Phone ad

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Microsoft has tried a number of ways to advertise Windows Phone handsets, but the latest pits two rivals against each other. In a new minute-long spot that's due to air on US national TV, a wedding reception is interrupted by Apple and Samsung fans. "Would you mind moving your enormous phone," asks one iPhone 5 user, before the guests—a clear 50 / 50 split of iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy users—begin to trade insults. One member searches for "one-trick pony" using Siri, while another fires back, "Aren't you a little young to have an iPhone?"

Microsoft wants people to notice its phones

Insanity ensues and a massive brawl breaks out where each side can be heard trading insults like "iSheep" or "copybox." The ad finishes up with two servers standing alone discussing the alternative: Windows Phone. The ad is clearly positioned in a way to show off the third-place position of Windows Phone, and offer it as an alternative. It's a lighthearted approach that avoids comparing two phones directly, or inspiring backlash similar to that from the company's notorious "Scroogled" campaign. It's also very similar to some of Samsung's own commercials that are aimed at BlackBerry and Apple's iPhone.

Nokia's Lumia Windows Phone sales hit a record high in the recent quarter, but Nokia is still struggling to convince US smartphone buyersto go with Lumia. A 33 percent decline year-on-year of US Lumia sales shows the Finnish company and other Windows Phone manufacturers have their work cut out for them. Microsoft is hoping its latest campaign will help boost those lagging US sales for the all-important smartphone market.