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BlackBerry CEO expects Q10 sales in the 'tens of millions,' UK store reports thousands sold per hour

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BlackBerry Q10 keyboard (765px)
BlackBerry Q10 keyboard (765px)

High-end British department store Selfridges has called the BlackBerry Q10 its "fastest-ever selling consumer electronics product." Although it declined to give exact statistics, the store said it was selling thousands of BlackBerry's latest smartphone per hour, and SeekingAlpha reports one store sold 2,000 of the handsets in 90 minutes. This may seem like good news for both BlackBerry and Selfridges, but while it is certainly great for the latter, it's way too early to judge the Q10 a success in the UK.

Selfridges was the only company in the country to sell the BlackBerry Q10 this weekend—the £579.99 (roughly $900 including 20 percent sales tax) handset went on general release today—and only has four stores in the UK, making this an extremely limited launch. The nature of the purchases wasn't exactly typical consumer behavior either, as many buyers were snapping up more than twenty of the unlocked phones at once, presumably with the hope of selling them in other countries. We called a handful of phone stores this afternoon and all said they had plenty of Q10s in stock.

Update: According to Bloomberg, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins is encouraged by the Q10's sales. At the Milken Institute conference today in Los Angeles, the CEO was quoted saying “we have very, very good first signs already after the launch in the U.K.... We expect several tens of million of units." Heins also made clear from his comments that he believes the company's user base will respond well to the keyboard-equipped Q10, but we have yet to see any solid sales figures.