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Nexus 7 tablet successor in the works for July, says Reuters

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Out goes Nvidia's Tegra chip, in comes Qualcomm's Snapdragon

Nexus 7 with mobile
Nexus 7 with mobile

Two separate sources have informed Reuters that Google plans to introduce the second generation of its Nexus 7 tablet in July of this year. Though Android's had its struggles adapting to the tablet form factor, the Nexus 7 was a surprisingly competent device, delivered in partnership by Google and Asus, and it also brought with it a breakthrough price of $199.

Asus is once again expected to carry out the production and assembly for the new Nexus device, however Nvidia's Tegra chip is said to have been replaced by Qualcomm's Snapdragon. This should be a major win for Qualcomm, given that Google's internal sales forecasts for this Nexus 7 successor are reported as being north of eight million units. In order to achieve that number, Google will maintain an aggressive pricing strategy, however the two sources are split on exactly how that will be achieved: the new Nexus could come in at $199, with the older model seeing a discount, or $149, obviating the elder Nexus 7 entirely.

Higher resolution, thinner bezels, and a potentially lower price

Other than the switch from Nvidia to Qualcomm processor, Google's second Nexus 7 is also said to have a higher resolution and thinner bezel than its predecessor. Intriguingly, the change in SOC is said to have been motivated by the better power efficiency of the Snapdragon part, which together with the other mooted changes and a presumably rock bottom price should make this upcoming Nexus a highly appealing device. And by the time July rolls around, we'll very likely be talking about a tablet equipped with Google's next Android version, Key Lime Pie, so there's plenty to look forward to.