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A typographical study of history's most absurd record covers

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Typography expert Yves Peters' My Type of Music feature has been running on-and-off on The FontFeed blog for a few years now, highlighting the best uses of fonts on record covers. For this year's April Fools' Day, Peters showcased what must be some of the worst album covers of all time, including the Nasma Team classic Pidä ittes miehenä, The Louvin Brothers' 1959 gospel album Satan is Real, and the truly unforgettable album cover for Wasnatch's Front To Back. Peters' critique of each artwork is a joy to behold, as illustrated by his analysis of Pidä ittes miehenä:

"From polychromatic to simply chrome, the stunning blue-metallic-finish-with-white-outline-and-drop-shadow not only enhances the legibility of Revue on the cover for Pidä ittes miehenä. It also echoes the musky machismo of the four mullet-haired hunks in Nasma Team, two of them wearing a manly moustache. A welcome change from all these wishy-washy androgynous teen pop stars."