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Chinese search engine Baidu follows Google down the Glass path

Chinese search engine Baidu follows Google down the Glass path

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China's largest search engine Baidu is readying its own pair of smart glasses, the company has confirmed. Codenamed Baidu Eye, Baidu's new prototype is currently being tested internally, although it has yet to decide whether it will make it available as a commercial product. According to Chinese reports later confirmed by Reuters, the device will feature a small LCD screen, image and voice recognition technology, as well as bone conduction audio.

Speaking to Engadget, Kaiser Kuo, Baidu's Director of International Communications, validated claims made by the Chinese media, stating that "the reports were correct in their essentials" and that it is developing "something similar in its basic functionality." Baidu Eye draws parallels to Google's Project Glass, which is currently undergoing closed testing by Google employees before rolling out to around 8,000 "creative individuals," later this year.


Often referred to as the Chinese Google, Baidu appears to be looking to differentiate itself from its western rival by developing an open platform for wearable devices, which could aid the development of smart watches, headphones, and necklaces. Baidu's spokesperson said that while the above photo was taken in company offices, he was unable to confirm if the device was a Baidu Eye prototype.