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Google+ gains support for full-resolution photos as service looks to replace Picasa

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google plus revised
google plus revised

It's no secret that Google wants Google+ to be central to the company's services, and part of that strategy includes making it a stronger platform for sharing photos. The company has now added support for full-size photo uploads to the social network, letting users post pictures larger than 2048 pixels wide, which was the previous limit. Google originally added this feature to its Android app back in December (and there were other, less obvious ways to upload full-resolution photos before), but now it's built into the desktop website.

There's a new checkbox in the settings menu to enable the feature — otherwise you'll still be limited to 2048 pixel-wide shots — but it's important to note that photos above that resolution threshold will count towards the 5GB of free storage included with Google+. The move comes after some other photo-friendly improvements Google's made to the social network, like pan and zoom for viewing large photos. Additionally, the company looks to be interested in transitioning Picasa users to Google+, and features such as these will allow it to properly compete with other options like Flickr and 500px.