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AT&T clarifies Galaxy S4 pricing: 16GB model will cost $199.99, 32GB for $249.99

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Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4

Last week, AT&T announced pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 would begin on April 16th, and it also said the device would cost $249.99 with the requisite two-year contract. Now, AT&T has clarified things a bit — the 32GB model will indeed cost $249.99, but the carrier will also sell a 16GB version for $199.99. On the surface, this gives Samsung price parity with the entry-level HTC One — but the $199.99 One comes with 32GB of storage. Whether or not extra storage will be enough to sway consumers from Samsung's flagship over to the HTC One remains to be seen, but HTC also has a bit of an advantage with an earlier launch — there's still no word on when Samsung will actually get the Galaxy S4 into consumers' hands, while the One will be available at AT&T in just over two weeks. Still, with both devices sitting on store shelves at the same price, the HTC One will definitely have its work cut out for it.