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Alleged images of the 'Facebook Home' Android UI leak ahead of tomorrow's event

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Facebook Home leak
Facebook Home leak

We're just one day away from the Facebook Home event, and leaks are starting to fly fast and furious. After getting a peak at potential hardware as well as a few software details courtesy a leaked system software dump, 9to5Google has posted an extensive look at what it claims is the new UI for this Facebook-centric device. The images come from @evleaks, who yesterday released the first potential image of the phone, and show off what appear to be an app launcher, a lock screen with custom notifications, and a sharing pane. While the third image doesn't seem all that different from Android's current sharing scheme, the first two images are definitely unique.

The app launcher view (seen above) looks similar to a standard Android folder of apps but comes with persistent Facebook status, photo, and check-in buttons as well. The second image appears to be of a lockscreen with a full-screen photo, iOS-style notification bubbles, and a circular avatar area at the bottom that presumably pulls in your Facebook photo. We still can't say for sure that these images are the real deal, but they do fit with the surface-level augmentations to Android that we previously heard would make up the new Facebook Home experience. In less than 24 hours, we'll know for sure.