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BlackBerry giving iOS and Android users a taste of BB10 with on-demand demo website

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BlackBerry 10 iOS ad
BlackBerry 10 iOS ad

Last month, BlackBerry unveiled an aggressive "takeover" ad campaign that highlights features of the company's new mobile OS by filling the entire screen of iOS and Android devices. The dominating ads, which have been served on popular sites like The New York Times and The Guardian, offer an up-close look at some unique aspects of BlackBerry 10 including Time Shift, its predictive keyboard, and BlackBerry Hub. Rather than solely relying on ads to deliver its message, the company is now giving everyone a chance to try out the "real-time marketing." Visiting this page on either an iPhone or Android handset will start up the demo and help you decide if BlackBerry's nascent operating system offers enough to pull you away from the mobile heavyweights. It's not quite as seamless as Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 sampler, but it gets the point across. One thing BlackBerry's ad doesn't tout, however, is app selection.