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Good Deal: third-generation iPads starting at $314.99 from Best Buy

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iPad Good Deal
iPad Good Deal

If you've wanted to pick up a full-size iPad but have never quite been able to stomach the $499 entry fee, Best Buy has a pretty excellent deal going right now. All varieties of the third-generation iPad are selling for a steep discount over at the Best Buy clearance site. The 16GB Wi-Fi only models start at only $314.99 — less than an iPad mini. That's even less than Apple's refurbished models, and the good deals are available for every model. The high-end, 64GB models with LTE connectivity on AT&T (unfortunately, Verizon models are not available) are selling for $545.99, nearly $300 less than the original price.

Of course, these models are a year old now and don't have the Lightning connector and faster processor that Apple added in its fall iPad refresh last year —but the third-generation iPad wasn't exactly a performance slouch. While some may only want the latest and greatest, these iPads should be excellent performers for the majority of people in market for a tablet. If you're interested, act quickly — there's no telling how long these deals will last.