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90 Seconds on The Verge: iOS 7, a dark matter discovery, and Disney closes LucasArts

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Adrianne 90 Seconds
Adrianne 90 Seconds

This wasn't supposed to happen.


According to the old timers, the station had been abandoned years ago. So what was the rhythmic signature I was seeing on the scan — the one echoing on the overheads?


There shouldn't have been enough fuel for the pod to separate from the station. Much less propel it on a course straight at our port side.

I hailed all frequencies. Ran the biometric sweep. Nothing. It had been so long since we'd slept I'd be inclined to think I was imagining things. If it wasn't for that constant, unrelenting heartbeat.


The pod grew closer, accelerating. There was no stopping it now.


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Today's 90 Seconds on The Verge was written by Bryan Bishop. All production magic is credited to John Lagomarsino.