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EA's Vue is the company's attempt at a social sharing app

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EA Vue official 1020
EA Vue official 1020

Developers are constantly churning out new social sharing apps that try to put a creative spin on posting music and photos to Facebook and Twitter, but Vue is different — because it was made by video game juggernaut Electronic Arts. The iOS app lets you create slide shows using your Facebook photos and music from Rdio and Spotify, add things like your location, text, and special effects, and share them back to Facebook. If you live in Australia or Canada, you can "share your life to music in an instant" for free right now, but if you live in another country, you’re out of luck for the time being.

We aren't expecting a whole lot more in the same vein

So what is EA doing making non-game apps, anyway? According to VentureBeat, Vue is a "low-budget exploratory project," so we aren’t expecting a whole lot more in the same vein. Which is just as well. We’d rather see the company keep the focus where it counts, like on a comprehensive fix for the server issues that are still hampering SimCity.