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Skype video calling launches for, available in UK today and US in 'coming weeks'

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When Microsoft first unveiled its webmail service in July, the software maker promised Skype video calling from the web. While has seen a number of updates over the months, including a calendar UI refresh, Skype integration has been missing in action. Fortunately, that's changing this week. Microsoft is announcing that will now support Skype video calling.

The roll out will start in the UK today, followed by US and Germany availability in the "coming weeks," and worldwide support by the summer. The integration works by first installing a browser plugin that interfaces with Skype and The plugin supports the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox, and Skype users will be prompted to download it once an account is paired with Skype on the web. Voice and video calling are both supported, along with instant messaging.

A preview that will be updated based on feedback

Microsoft says the launch is a preview version that will be updated based on initial feedback. The browser plugin is not needed for instant messaging using Skype on, but audio / video calls will require it. The integration also works for Microsoft's Messenger service, allowing users to video call Messenger users from