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NextGuide TV discovery app adds real-time polls, trivia, and games for USA Network's top shows

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NextGuide USA Sync
NextGuide USA Sync

NextGuide is an iPad app that serves as a digital replacement for the trusty TV Guide, letting users find programming to watch on their television or from an assortment of online sources. The app's integration with live television is now getting an added boost with the addition of second-screen content from a variety of shows on the USA Network. With the new version of the app — going live today — users will now see a "USA Sync" button in NextGuide for shows like Psych, Burn Notice, and Suits. Watching those shows during their live television broadcasts will bring up an array of new content within NextGuide, including polls, trivia, mini-games, and behind-the-scenes clips.

USA has been particularly aggressive in this arena, introducing second-screen and social media initiatives across its programming line-up. Earlier this year, the company utilized the USA Sync platform — which is also available via web browsers and USA's own appduring the 100th episode of Psych, letting viewers choose the ending of the episode themselves. The addition of USA Sync should make NextGuide an even more compelling all-in one television app for those that want a little bit more than what their set-top box interface can provide.