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Yahoo's latest Android app integrates Summly for faster news scanning

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yahoo android
yahoo android

Last week, Yahoo released an updated version of its iOS app with integrated news summaries courtesy of its recent acquisition, Summly, and now the same thing is arriving on Android. First spotted by Android Police, the new Yahoo looks practically identical to its iOS counterpart, and contains the same feature list: a never-ending visual stream of news stories, sharing to Facebook and Twitter, and an improved web search that includes images and video.

Summly's summaries condense long news articles down to 400 characters, providing more information than a headline, but remaining easy to skim at a glance. If you were patiently waiting for the Android version of Summly only to see it get shelved in the Yahoo acquisition, your time is now. That is, if you live in the US — the updated version of Yahoo appears to be unavailable internationally.