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Sell yourself: Twitter wants you to make ads for your 'personal brand'

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Twitter promoted tweet stock
Twitter promoted tweet stock

Twitter started rolling out access to its self-service advertising platform last year, which focused on letting small businesses and individuals purchase promoted accounts and tweets just like bigger companies. While the self-service ad tool was initially limited to selected American Express cardmembers or merchants, Twitter gradually rolled the product out to more and more users, and today the company announced that anyone on Twitter can now advertise on the site. Twitter Senior Director of Product for Revenue Kevin Well made the announcement today at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, saying that "we have reach, we have engagement, and while a tweet is 140 characters and will always be just 140, we have photos, videos, and you can embed product listings and app downloads."

While this will likely be welcome news to small businesses looking to expand their reach, Twitter also positioned its new ad tools towards individuals who may not be selling a product in the traditional sense. Twitter specifically referred to individuals looking to grow their personal brand as well as online retailers. While most Twitter users probably won't have a use for Twitter ads, there's also a segment of Twitter who'll be happy to use these tools to help build their online identities and get more social capital. If you're one of those individuals (or a business owner looking to increase awareness for your products), you can sign up now on Twitter's self-service ad page.