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Skype Video Messages now available in desktop and Windows 8 apps

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Skype Video Messages
Skype Video Messages

Microsoft launched its new Skype Video Messages feature for iOS, Android, and Mac back in February, but the company didn't make it available initially for its own Windows platform. Today, Microsoft is releasing a preview of Skype Video Messaging for Windows desktop users. The traditional desktop app that runs on Windows 7 and Windows 8 will include the new feature, allowing users to trade short video messages (up to three minutes long) with other Skype members.

The feature is still not available on Microsoft's Windows 8 Skype app, but the company is promising to make this available "shortly." Skype says it's still testing the feature, and at the moment you get 20 free messages before you have to subscribe to Skype Premium for $4.99 a month to continue using Video Messages.

Update: Skype Video Messages is now available in the updated Windows 8 app.