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Google adds popular movie and music links to search results courtesy of Google+ Sign-In

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Google Sign-In Activity
Google Sign-In Activity

When Google+ Sign-In was announced earlier this year — the search giant's riff on a Facebook Connect-style login service with integrated activity sharing — it promised that the information it saw from users of the service would yield new benefits. Today the company is announcing a new addition to Google search results: it will be using Google+ Sign-In activity to determine the most popular titles for several different movie and music services, and linking directly to those titles within search results.

The launch partners included Flixster, Fandango, SoundCloud, and Slacker Radio, amongst several others. The new links appear for all Google users, whether they're logged into their Google account or using Google+ Sign-In themselves, and will appear to the right of the main search results, below a large icon for the partnered service in question. It will also display user activity in some case; SoundCloud, for example, will note how many users are listening to a given track. Clicking the link will take the user directly to the item in question. Google says it will be rolling out the service on desktop search over the next few weeks, with more partners on the horizon.