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Vine video makers can use their front-facing cameras with latest update

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vine stock

The six-second time limit and looping nature of Twitter's Vine videos have turned them into a fresh challenge for cinematographers — most recently, the Tribeca Film Festival hosted its own Vine movie competition. A new update, just released on the iTunes App Store, will add precisely one very important feature to the toolbox: access to the front-facing camera. Version 1.1 of Vine puts an icon on the bottom of the screen when shooting a Vine; pressing it will switch between cameras, so you can apportion your time however you choose.

Vine is also making mentions a little easier to use, adding a button that will bring up a list of names as you type. The app started off with an extremely pared-down aesthetic, and that's not changing, but the developers seem to be judiciously adding features as they become useful. Including front-facing camera support opens up a range of new options for making movies, though we assume a subset of purists will soon reject it in favor of a "vintage" Vine experience.