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Google gets people ready for Glass with new how-to video

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Google's Project Glass is still exotic, futuristic, and distant — it's available only for extremely early adopters, including "creative individuals" who were let in through a Twitter and Google+ contest. But a year or more ahead of its consumer launch, Google is already trying to get ordinary people used to the idea of wearing a heads-up display. "Glass How-To: Getting Started," the first video released through a new Project Glass YouTube account, goes through the basics of wearing Glass, and more videos seem likely to be on the way.

In this introduction, users are shown how to adjust the Glass lens, and how to use a touchpad on the side to scroll through messages or other information and share it with friends. It doesn't remotely cover everything we've seen about the Glass interface, but it makes it seem understandable and natural, going over extensions of standard touch gestures. It also avoids addressing the strange situations you'll likely get into once you start talking to your glasses in public — at least until, Google hopes, everyone else is wearing Glass too.