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Google Glass has a Twitter app, confirms LeWeb founder (update)

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google project glass stock 1020
google project glass stock 1020

The New York Times has already launched an app for the Google Glass augmented reality headset, delivering breaking news in your peripheral vision. Now, it appears that Twitter is also working towards an official app which you could use in a similar fashion. Yesterday, TechCrunch reported that a Glass developer had spotted one user sharing photos from a Twitter client identifying itself as "Twitter for Glass."

That Twitter account was quickly deleted. But today, LeWeb founder Loïc Le Meur has seemingly confirmed to CNET that he has also been using an official Twitter app for Glass.

While his single-word response might make some wonder whether Le Meur really meant to confirm the existence of an official Twitter app, he doesn't seem to take issue with the result. Le Meur retweeted CNET's story earlier this evening — entitled "Yup, Twitter's app for Google Glass is for real" — without further comment.

Update: Despite tweeting a link to CNET's story, Le Meur now says it was a misunderstanding: