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Frommer's guidebooks to live on as Google sells brand to founder

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frommers logo stock 1020
frommers logo stock 1020

Google has sold the rights to the Frommer's travel guidebook series to Arthur Frommer, the man that created the brand. The announcement means that the popular line of guides is safe for the foreseeable future — news broke recently that Google wasn't likely to continue publishing print editions. It's not clear how much of the content is included in the deal, as Google is using a lot of Frommer content on Google+ Local and Zagat. A spokesperson for Google told Skift it had "returned the Frommer’s brand to its founder" and is "licensing certain travel content to him," so Frommer may not have to start from scratch.

Arthur Frommer hasn't owned the rights to his eponymous guides for over 35 years. He sold up to publisher Simon & Schuster in 1977, and the brand changed hands several times before Google snapped it up last August for an undisclosed fee. Speaking with the Associated Press, Frommer said "it's a very happy time for me," adding that he will be publishing paper and e-book versions of the guides, as well as running the site.