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Tumblr and NYC nonprofit offer grants for 'internet art'

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New Museum photo by Ming Chen Laio (Flickr CC-by-2.0)
New Museum photo by Ming Chen Laio (Flickr CC-by-2.0)

There's no shortage of internet-inspired art cropping up in galleries around the world lately, but in arts capital New York City, two homegrown organizations are teaming up to sponsor more of it. Tumblr is partnering with Rhizome, a nonprofit arts and technology group based out of the New Museum in Manhattan, to award three grants to artists "engaged with Tumblr." Applications are due by May 3 and each grant will be worth between $1,000 and $5,000. The final projects that emerge will be hosted in the New Museum in 2014, according to the New York Observer.

The qualifications for entries are wide open, and to be clear, project submissions don't have to be posted on Tumblr or directly derived from it to win, though project ideas must have their own website or use a template on Rhizome's website. As Tumblr's art evangelist Annie Werner told the Observer: “ We’re looking for something that engages the platform in a new way and highlights the creative use of Tumblr. But we’re certainly loose in how that is. I wouldn’t want to project an idea on to the submissions at all.” Grumpy cats and others can head over here to apply.