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    Top Shelf, Episode 005: Ouya, Notch, and the underdogs of gaming

    Top Shelf, Episode 005: Ouya, Notch, and the underdogs of gaming

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    For years, gaming in the living room has revolved around a handful of big names. Ouya is trying to change that trend with a $99 console built on crowdsourcing and the Android platform. It isn't just offering a new piece of hardware, though: it's trying to build a whole new platform.

    Welcome to Top Shelf, a weekly show from The Verge that takes a deeper dive into the products and experiences of the technology that shapes our lives. This week we spend time with the latest underdog of gaming. We also sit down with Minecraft creator Notch, who's phenomenal sandbox game has arguably become a platform in and of itself.

    Top Shelf: Episode 005

    Directors: Billy Disney and Jordan Oplinger
    Technical Director: John Lagomarsino

    Producer: Ross Miller
    Studio Producer: Brendan Murphy
    Executive Producers: Chad Mumm and Kyle Kramer

    Editor: Regina Dellea

    Special Guests: TC Sottek, Markus Persson
    Host: David Pierce

    Shooters: Sam Thonis, Stephen Greenwood

    Vox Studio Manager: Marcos Bueno
    From Vox Studios: Robert Langevin, Will Buikema, Nick Prouty

    Presented by: Virgin Mobile
    Special Thanks to: Joshua Topolsky, Jim Bankoff, and Marty Moe