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Samsung estimates $7.75 billion in Q1 profits, up 45 percent over last year

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samsung stock buildings
samsung stock buildings

Samsung is announcing its earnings estimate for Q1 2013, and everything seems to be on the upswing. The company thinks its operating profit will land between 8.5 and 8.9 trillion won ($7.56 - $7.92 billion) for the quarter — that’s a big increase over the 5.85 trillion won the company pulled in during the same quarter last year. Revenues are also up, from 45.27 trillion won a year ago to somewhere between 51 and 53 trillion ($45.39 - $47.17 billion) this time around.

Samsung is getting more profitable

The results show that Samsung is getting more profitable, making 45 percent more profits than it did last year, even though sales only increased around 13 percent. Apple is still comfortably ahead, though — it made almost double Samsung's profits during the same quarter despite having nearly the same amount of revenue.