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Purported low-end BlackBerry 10 device shows up in leaked image

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blackberry r-series (
blackberry r-series (

So far, BlackBerry has only announced two devices that run its new BB10 operating system — the keyboardless Z10 and QWERTY Q10 — but today we might be getting a look at the third device in its lineup. A forum user posted an image of a previously unseen Curve-like QWERTY device, calling it the R-Series. The poster didn’t offer any more details on the phone, but purported details of a new lower-end BB10 handset were posted by BlackBerry Empire, which may or may not be describing the same device.

If the description is accurate, the phone will have microSD and Micro SIM slots on its side for quick swapping without taking the phone apart, include 8GB of storage, and house an 1800mAh battery. It goes without saying that this is still far from certain — the BlackBerry Empire image below appears to literally be a drawing on a napkin — but a new BB10 device is still noteworthy. But it’s not likely that we’ll see it in the short term, considering the Q10, which BlackBerry showed off in January, won’t be arriving in US stores until May at the earliest.