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Watch this: Google explains how to create Glass experiences

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Google is taking the mystery out of writing services for Glass. Today, the company posted its SXSW presentation on the topic (video below), in which senior developer advocate Timothy Jordan walks us through a high-level overview of the Mirror API, the interface that developers will use to get their content on Google’s wearable computer.

The entire Glass experience is basically a web app

Beneath the surface, the entire Glass experience is basically a web app, with no complicated Android APIs to deal with. Owners sign on with OAuth 2 to let services post things to their timelines — allowing The New York Times to send headlines to your Glass, for example. You then receive information from services in the form of Timeline Cards, simple web pages that contain things like images, text, and markup, and can optionally tap into Glass functions like text-to-speech. The talk runs a little long at 50 minutes, but if you’re interested in how Glass works under the hood, it’s worth checking out.