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Details of Mark Zuckerberg's immigration reform group reportedly revealed in leaked memo

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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Stock
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Stock

Mark Zuckerberg's entry into politics through a rumored immigration reform group made up of Silicon Valley industry pioneers appears to be going forward, but not without a little bit of controversy. Politico apparently got its hands on an internal email from Joe Green — Zuckerberg's former Harvard roommate and rumored leader of the reform group —which contained a prospectus document outlining the group's launch plans. Among the details revealed in those plans was the claim that Bill Gates and Marc Andreessen (investor and cofounder of Netscape) would be founding members of a group called "Human Capital" that would have technology industry executives use their companies to help push the group's agenda.

Zuck's putting together an A-list of Silicon Valley executives

However, Politico's sources claimed that neither Gates nor Andreessen had officially signed on for the group yet, the "Human Capital" name is inaccurate, and that the executives who are part of the group won't be using their companies in any official capacity for fear of running into trouble with campaign finance laws. Given the fact that Politico was looking at an internal document, we're not surprised to find that there were some potential inaccuracies in the leaked plan — but that didn't stop Green from responding and essentially confirming the document's existence. In a statement, Green said that some of the information in the leaked email "is outdated and not representative of the kind of work this organization will perform."

Despite some apparent inaccuracies in Green's plan, it does add credibility to the rumors of Zuckerberg's group that cropped up last month. While it remains to be seen if Gates and Andreessen will be involved, there's little doubt that Zuckerberg is looking to put together a group of Silicon Valley powerhouse executives to help move the group's agenda forward. According to Politico's sources, Zuckerberg has lined up a group including Netflix founder Reed Hastings, Twitter creator Jack Dorsey, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, Dropbox CEO Drew Houston, Zynga co-founder Mark Pincus and Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom.