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A video tour of television's fake parallel internet, from RoundSearch to YouFace

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There's a long tradition of using "prop" domains in films, whether to avoid liability or better control the content. For every Google, there's a; for every, there's a Lovefinder. Poorly designed online fetish compendiums have their TV equivalents, as do government databases or advocacy pages. Whether you're looking for a garbage fetish site or, TV internet has you covered. But unlike their real-life counterparts, Netrangler and YouFace will probably never see a site redesign. They'll never be revamped for changing tastes, or bitterly snipe at rivals for April Fools' Day. They exist in single, static clips, often used once and the discarded after sparking a quip or plot development. As many have done before, Slacktory has taken an interest in these little artifacts, pulling some of the best examples from 30 Rock, The Simpsons, Dexter, and more.