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Facebook details Home data-collection policies to assuage privacy fears

Facebook details Home data-collection policies to assuage privacy fears

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Yesterday Facebook announced its newest mobile initiative, Facebook Home — and today the company has posted a lengthy set of answers in an attempt to address any privacy concerns potential users may have. Simply entitled "Answering Your Questions on Home and Privacy," the document ranges from whether users will have to continue to use Home once they install it — as shown yesterday, it can be turned off — to what information it collects.

Obviously, the company collects any Facebook-related information like likes or comments, but it also keeps track of what apps you have installed in Home's launcher. "We store this information in identifiable form for 90 days and use it to provide the service and improve how it works," the page reads. Home also collects information on which apps send out system notifications to your phone — though not the content of the notification itself. The page also specifies that third-party app notifications only work on phones that have Home pre-installed like the HTC First, so users downloading it to their current phones won't have reason to be concerned there.

Ultimately, it appears Facebook is being rather conservative here — though the flipside is that users already share so much information with Facebook it doesn't necessarily need to collect a bunch of additional data at the moment. Of course, the company's privacy and data use policies aren't known for remaining particularly static, so these details could change as Facebook begins to iterate upon Home.