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Ouya fires back, says pre-release console isn't ready for review

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ouya stock 1020
ouya stock 1020

Ouya is responding to early reviews of its pre-release Android gaming console, saying that the software is still unfinished. In a statement to GamesIndustry International, the company explains that the 60,000 Kickstarter backers currently receiving their machines are participating in a "preview period," and that it plans to send out review consoles in early- to mid-May, constantly improving the product ahead of its June retail release. When we reviewed the Ouya earlier this week, we thought it showed promise, but found an array of problems with the hardware quality, UI, game install process, in-app purchase mechanics, and selection and caliber of games on the platform. In a separate blog post, CEO Julie Uhrman mentions specific problems that the team plans to fix, like the complicated game install process, and discusses other additions that it plans to make before June, like the ability to add external storage for games.

The console's software will constantly evolve

Since its inception, the Ouya team has said that the console’s software will constantly evolve, and we don’t doubt its ability to improve the experience for current owners. But by the same token, a lot of our specific criticisms, like the fractured UI and difficulty of sideloading apps and games won’t be easy to fix, at least not in the next month. As we said in our review, "it’s going to need to work fast."