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PETMAN robot struts and squats in hazmat attire

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boston dynamics petman
boston dynamics petman

PETMAN, the creepily lifelike robot from Boston Dynamics, has made some remarkable strides in the last few years. Once nothing more than a headless walker with a penchant for push-ups, PETMAN has now morphed into a veritable Terminator, capable of squatting, swiveling, and celebrating, as evidenced by the company's latest video.

But PETMAN's newest, and perhaps scariest feature is its camouflaged wardrobe, replete with gasmask. According to Boston Dynamics, the robot's temperature-regulated hazmat suit is embedded with sensors capable of detecting chemical leaks. Developed as part of the Defense Department's Chemical and Biological Defense (CBD) program, PETMAN will be used to test similarly protective clothing in the future.