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Inside a parallel world of plutocrats at London's One Hyde Park

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Walk by London's One Hyde Park at night, and every window will be dark, says The Sunday Times' John Arlidge. The colossally expensive luxury development, whose apartments are owned by sheikhs from Qatar or the UAE, Russian plutocrats, and other members of the global upper class, is part of a growing parallel world of high-tech, high-security retreats around London. Vanity Fair has dug into the world of money behind One Hyde Park, where Britain's status as a haven for financiers lets the far upper class live without ever acknowledging protests over austerity or tax-dodging. "We can conclude at least two things with certainty about the tenants of One Hyde Park," writes Nicholas Shaxson. "They are extremely wealthy, and most of them don’t want you to know who they are and how they got their money."