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Watch this: Facebook stuffs your friends in overhead bins in new Home ad

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facebook overhead bin
facebook overhead bin

Facebook seldom airs ads of its own, but the company has released a pair of new TV spots to promote Facebook Home — its new suite of apps that can take control of Android devices, effectively creating a "Facebook phone." One of the company's new ads, titled "Airplane," shows a passenger using Facebook Home to swipe through disparate updates from friends, who then materialize on his plane: like RuPaul's Drag Race darling Shangela, and a nephew with a cake-smeared face. The ad focuses on Facebook's new "people, not apps" mantra, and shows a lighter approach to advertising from its deep emotional pitches of the past. Of course, if you want your heartstrings pulled, Facebook's second Home ad has you covered; "more than anything, we use our phones to connect with the people we care about," it says. "No matter what you're doing, your friends are right there with you." Let's just hope you actually want them there.