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Submit your six-second Vine films to the Tribeca Film Festival by Sunday night

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vine auteur
vine auteur

Are you ready to bump shoulders with filmmaking royalty? If so, you've got until 11:59PM ET tomorrow night to submit your six-second masterpiece for consideration in the Tribeca Film Festival's Vine competition. Tribeca's editors announced the competition back in March, allowing the public to submit as many Vines as they want in any of several categories: including genre films, six-second stories, animations, or three-Vine trilogies. It's the latest high-profile use of Twitter's short-video app, following David Cross' feature film debut on Vine, and the release of a six-second trailer for a big-budget action movie in March.

"Your short film must tell story with a beginning, middle, and end," the editors write, encouraging entrants to embrace "the Vinely qualities" of looping and time manipulation. Entries will be judged by director Penny Marshall, the team from 5 Second Films, and Adam Goldberg — known to followers as The King of Vine.

The Tribeca Film Festival programming team will select finalists by April 17th, and the panel of judges will select winners to be announced on April 26th. Finalists will have their Vines showcased on Tribeca's website, and winners in each category will receive $600. (Except for serial Vine filmmakers, that's a cool $100 per second of video.) You can check out published entries live on Twitter under the hashtag #6SECFILMS, and be sure to share your own entries below. If you need any more inspiration, take some from The Verge's own Vine auteur, Chris Ziegler.