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GameStick Android console shipments delayed by two months

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Makers play the 'victims of our Kickstarter success' card


After far-surpassing their original Kickstarter funding goal, the makers of the $79 GameStick Android console have informed backers that they won't receive their units until late June, rather than April as originally planned. The reason for the delay is the success of the Kickstarter campaign: GameStick expected to manufacture 1,000 units using silicon molds, but it received 5,000 orders for the miniature console, as well as orders from brick-and-mortar stores, and needed to come up with a new plan. That plan revolves around some "much higher-end tooling" that's currently being manufactured in Germany and China.

The delay in manufacturing is compounded by GameStick's apparently-low bank balance. The company had originally planned to air-freight the completed consoles to their prospective owners, but says "the volumes are now too large for us to be able to afford" that method. Instead, it'll ship the consoles over on a boat.

Although an additional two-month wait may seen pretty bad, in the world of Kickstarter such delays are common. Last December, CNN Money revealed that only eight of the top 50 Kickstarter projects shipped on time. The website's organizers have repeatedly stressed that Kickstarter is not a store, and neither buyers nor sellers should treat it as such. Of course, knowing that they're not alone in waiting for their products will come as scant consolation to those that put down the $79 expecting a console to arrive in April.